ableton live holiday camp

This course is for music producers aged 12+ who want to learn to use Ableton Live & Ableton Push to arrange, produce and perform electronic music. Ableton Live is a groundbreaking piece of software for creative music production. Our 4-day course introduces you to the techniques required to get you started with Live and Push, Ableton's own customised controller. Prior experience of Ableton Live is not required. During the camp you will learn to:

  • Navigate your way around Ableton Live and the Push controller

  • Set up a project template to start creating music

  • Create customised drum racks

  • Use the sampler to make sounds and effects

  • Play & programme beats, melody lines & chord progressions

  • Set up a session ready perform your track live using Push

  • Export your finished song in a format to upload and take away

4-day Ableton Live holiday camps take place at our music school in Ladbroke Grove, West London.

Course Fees

  • 4-day Ableton Live holiday camp: £270


  • Monday 6th April - Thursday 9th April 2020