dean mcginnes


Dean McGinnes is a music composer that strives on writing music that captures the moment in any given scene. Using music to set the pace, intensify an emotion, establish tension and much more. He is capable of writing in any style and has a proven ability to build effective collaborations and working relationships.

Dean has worked with award winning director Kirk Murray, composed music for the award winning Clayhouse Productions and films including “The Last Great Climb” and “Brit Rock”. Dean’s talent is getting recognised by industry professionals for his natural grasp of musical soundscapes, drive, and ability. 

Dean runs his own music production company, Jaguar Sun, working on feature films, trailers and bespoke compositions. Alongside Dean’s work as a producer, he has been teaching guitar for over ten years to all ages and abilities.  He has taught at music schools in Australia, as well as privately in Scotland and Brighton, before joining The Rhythm Studio in Summer 2015.