Holiday Courses

The Rhythm Studio’s holiday music camps offer the chance to form bands, perform live gigs at top London venues, produce tracks using Logic Pro X and Ableton Live, and learn DJ or beatboxing skills. Camps for 8-18 year-olds take place during school holidays at The Rhythm Studio’s music school in West London.

Rock & Roll Boot Camp.jpg

Rock & Roll Boot Camp

Boot campers form their own band, learn classic tracks, compose songs using Garageband and Logic Pro X, and shoot and edit videos. On the final day of Rock & Roll Boot Camp the bands play a gig in front of family and friends at Pizza Express Live in London’s West End.

Logic Pro X.jpg

Logic Pro X

This course is for young musicians aged 13+ who are interested in writing and arranging their own music using Logic Pro X. The aim is to develop production and composition skills, and create your own finished track by the end of the course.


DJ Skills

Using vinyl, CDJs and digital controllers, you will master some of the most important skills needed to be a DJ, from track selection and beat matching, to cuing and cutting. By the end of the week, aspiring young DJs will record and edit a mix to be shared online.

Beatboxing 101.jpg

Beatboxing 101

The Beatboxing 101 course is for anyone aged 9+ who is interested in vocal percussion and making their own beats on the go. Students will learn beatboxing techniques and prepare to showcase their skills with our boot camp bands at Pizza Express Live in the West End.

Ableton Live.jpg

Ableton Live

A course for music producers aged 13+ who want to learn to use Ableton Live & Ableton Push to arrange, produce and perform electronic music. Over the course of 4 days you will get to grips with the fundamental concepts of Ableton’s revolutionary music production software.