Music Producer 101 - logic pro x & ableton live

The Music Producer 101 course is for budding young musicians aged 13+ who are interested creating music using Logic Pro X or Ableton Live & Push.  Prior experience or knowledge of Logic Pro X or Ableton Live is not required. Students work at their own workstation equipped with a full suite of industry standard software and hardware. 

Logic Pro X

This 1-day Logic Pro X course is ideal for students with no experience of Logic. Students will learn how to put their ideas in to music with Logic Pro X. The aim is to produce a finished track by the end of the day.  During the day you will learn to:

  • Program drums and rhythm tracks

  • Arrange and structure your track

  • Use Logic's virtual instruments and loops

  • Record and edit MIDI tracks and perform advanced audio editing

  • Fixing tune and timing problems on vocals and other audio tracks

  • Use effects, compression and automation to mix your song

  • Export your finished song in a format ready to upload and take away.

Ableton Live & Push

Ableton Live is a groundbreaking piece of software for creative music production. Our 1-day course introduces you to the techniques required to get you started with Live and Push, Ableton's own customised controller.  During the day you will learn to:

  • Navigate your way around Ableton Live and the Push controller

  • Set up a project template to start creating music

  • Create customised drum racks

  • Use the sampler to make sounds and effects

  • Play & programme beats, melody lines & chord progressions

  • Set up a session ready perform your track live using Push

  • Export your finished song in a format to upload and take away

upcoming MUSIC PRODUCER 101 - logic pro x & ableton live COURSE Dates

Friday 22nd February 2019 (10.30am-3.30pm) - £95

Friday 12th April 2019 (10.30am-3.30pm) - £95