Is everything okay in your world? Review

In late October 2017 an album was released that had the world stop in its tracks.           George van den Broek released ‘Is everything okay in your world?’ The British Soul singer who almost effortlessly mixes jazz soul and blues to produce one of the most beautiful albums this world has ever heard. Despite only being 18 years old, George Van Den Broek sound is mature and beyond his time he sings with a large amount of passion that is very hard to find with artists in our day and age.

The album arguably best songs are ‘Lately I’ ‘Hurt in love’ and ‘Tired’ throughout each of these songs, George van den Broek Husky vocals take centre stage and his raw and emotional lyrics are extremely hard hitting.

George has a clear aesthetic throughout each of his albums the artwork on the cover is simple but yet somehow very effective. Yellow day’s last album ‘Harmless Melodies’ which was released mid November was only 8 songs long but was immensely successful and led to Yellow Day’s U.K tour which completely sold out. On the back of this ‘Is everything okay in your world?’ was released and contained a full 13 songs.

If Yellow days continues at the rate he’s going at there is no doubt in my mind that his popularity will continue to grow and we will be left with more amazing music.

Awhina Weldon