Student Spotlight - Cosima Accurso

My Experience at The Rhythm Studio

Being a student at The Rhythm Studio since 2011 has allowed me to grow as a musician, singer and performer. I enrolled at the age of 7 after watching my brother, Bruno, playing the drums at his first gig at the age of 5. I was intrigued and decided I would begin singing lessons. I am now 15 and have had the opportunity to perform on stage at a number of gigs and events held by The Rhythm Studio, such as Queen’s Park Day, Happyfest and events supported by The Rhythm Studio Foundation: Bright Futures at Tom Dixon’s shop, the Friends of The Foundation Dinner, Local Legends and more.

After my first few performances as a solo performer, my brother and I began working together and decided to become an act. Ever since, we have performed as a duo, and thanks to the opportunities provide by the school, we continue to perform at a number of gigs, as well as growing as artists and developing our own sound through songwriting and composing. Not only has The Rhythm Studio opened doors for me, but they have also provided me with the chance to work with different musicians and to meet people with similar interests as me. Recently, at one of The Rhythm Studio Foundation’s events, Bruno and I had the privilege of playing some original numbers with the mixer, producer and writer, Tim Bran; it was a great experience as we were playing our own songs on stage with a professional musician.

My experience at the studio is entirely positive and I feel very comfortable and supported here. I enjoy attending my weekly singing lesson with Maja and feel comfortable experimenting with new things due to the friendly environment that has been created by the staff, as well as the students. As the years pass, I grow more and more aware of how my lessons have affected my technical, performance and songwriting skills. I am growing as a young artist and I have RS to thank for that as they have supported me throughout the 8 years I have been here and I know that every other student enrolled at The Rhythm Studio gets that same kind of support.

I have improved in a way that I didn’t know I could, thanks to my lessons and the hundreds of performances held by the school, providing me with experiences that I know will help me in the future when I want to begin a profession in music.

Cosima Accurso