RSF School Workshops

RSF School Workshops - Kensington Aldridge Academy

RS teachers Louis and Tyler spent last term with students from Kensington Aldridge Academy helping them to expand their knowledge producing music using Logic Pro for their Music GSCE.

Developing skills in Logic Pro has enabled pupils to unlock their musical creativity quickly, and compositions at the end of the project were polished and professional. The teachers from the Rhythm Studio were so knowledgeable and taught each skill so succintly and logically. As a teacher I have found Logic Pro the biggest challenge in my subject development and I learnt so much over the course.
— Grace Cockell, Music teacher Kensington Aldridge Academy

RSF: Autumn Term Schools Workshops

We’ve got three local schools in this term learning instruments for the first time, forming bands, singing in a pop choir and doing music production sessions with Garageband and Sonic Pi software