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Shamime Ibrahim - RSF student performs at Hollywood Bowl

From A-levels to A-list - Shamime wowed the audience in LA at the Hollywood Bowl where she had been invited to perform with Jason Mraz at his birthday concert. Shamime was also treated to a tour of Capitol Records, Jason Mraz's birthday party and a whistlestop tour of the sights of LA. Thanks to Chris and Martin Terefe for making this happen. (Photos -  Eric Morgenson Photography)


RSF Local Legends - Bella Freud & Don Letts

The second in the RSF Local Legends events was a fascinating evening with Bella Freud and Don Letts. 

Set in the wonderfully intimate Moncada Brewery at the top of Ladbroke Grove the evening kicked off with an acoustic set played by the extraordinarily talented Myla Newell who has been supported by The Rhythm Studio Foundation's scholarship scheme for the last 3 years. 

This was followed by a fascinating and animated Q&A withDon Letts and Bella Freud both veterans of the style and music scene over the last 30-40 years. Topics discussed were the evolution of the punk scene, underground sub cultures, why individuality isn't celebrated anymore, the role of the internet : Don "The internet's kinda cool but it's a double edged sword. It's killed the mystery of the planet"
" the insidious uniformity that has crept in in the 21st Century - it's as if punk never happened".

Bella talked about the importance of making your own style and the importance in her life of exploring all different creative fields and just getting on with making things. She also talked about her love of books and why young people should read them.

They both reminisced about their times hanging out with Vivian Westwood and Malcolm McLaren and working in possibly two of the most influential culture and style shops of the time - Vivian Westwood's Sex and Don Letts ACME Attractions.

RSF Local Legends Evening at Moncada Brewery

In the first of our "Local Legends" events, Jack "joinerofdots" Horner interviewed local DJ's Shaun and Dom, drawing out their career highs and lows, anecdotes, advice and general banter. The evening was rounded off by a spine-tingling acoustic set by Coldredlight 's Gaby Monaghan.

"Did not disappoint! Shaun Keaveny and Stanton Warriors Dom chatting and being silly. 

Our next event is 1st February with Don Letts and Bella Freud, you can pick up tickets here.