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Sonic Pi 101 and Music Producer 101 Courses

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This 1-day Logic Pro X course is ideal for students with no experience of Logic. Students will learn how to put their ideas in to music with Logic Pro X. The aim is to produce a finished track by the end of the day.  During the day you will learn to:

  • Program drums and rhythm tracks

  • Arrange and structure your track

  • Use Logic's virtual instruments and loops

  • Record and edit MIDI tracks and perform advanced audio editing

  • Fixing tune and timing problems on vocals and other audio tracks

  • Use effects, compression and automation to mix your song

  • Export your finished song in a format ready to upload and take away.


The Sonic Pi 101 holiday camp is for young producers aged 9+ who want to learn to create their own music and code at the same time.   You don't need prior experience, our Sonic Pi 101 camp will teach you to code creatively while composing and performing music.  During the day you will learn how to:

  • Create melodies in Sonic Pi

  • Trigger and loop samples

  • Experiment with textures, sound manipulation and effects

  • Use randomisation to generate different melodies

The aim is to produce a finished track and showcase your music to your classmates at the end of the day.

Earlier Event: 26 November
Autumn Term Gig Week
Later Event: 17 December
Band Sessions - Taster Afternoon