Danny wheeler

Music production

Danny Wheeler

International DJ and Drum & Bass producer from London, Danny Wheeler’s debut; ‘Ghost & Lost Highway’, launched him and co-producer, Sub Focus, into the Top 5 of the UK Dance Charts and Top 20 of the Indie Charts. Danny is all about pushing the boundries of Drum & Bass and he was described by DJ Magazine as a “hotly tipped future producer”. 

He started to DJ when he was 13 years old in London’s Jungle scene, at that time he was also an actor appearing on the West End Stage and at The Royal Opera House, he stayed in the entertainment business and started DJing on Jungle pirate radio station Transmission One, while he was still at school. His music career developed while studying at University of Southampton, between lectures he would fly around Europe, establishing himself as a Drum and Bass DJ on the scene, part of the original Movement, Bar Rumba crew and after graduating he was headhunted by J Majik to become the label manager of Infrared Records. During this time he would A&R and bring in artists like Sub Focus, Marky & XRS, Clipz (Redlight) to the label and he helped get the label remixes for Groove Armada. 

He moved into production at Infrared and learnt production skills from his mentors J Majik & Adam F. Another of his mentors was Brazilian legend DJ Marky (who coined and gave him the name Danny Wheeler); 

Then he followed this with his own very successful W10 Records parties at prestigious London venues Herbal and Bar Rumba. Danny Wheeler’s album ‘The Brazil Project’ on Far Out Recordings, is a collection of classic Brazilian Jazz, with Soul and Funk remixed into Drum and Bass and hip hop with remixes of Herbie Hancock, Incognito and Azyumuth. Danny’s debut artist album ‘Universal Language’ on W10 Records features collaborations with US house diva Kathy Brown and J-Pop star Taku Takahashi. It’s a forward thinking Drum and Bass, Hip Hop and House album. His second album was the house record ‘Cultura Futura’. 

He has a number of remixes in collaboration with Julian Marley (Bob Marley’s son who is managed by the same people as Danny). Danny helped acts like Sub Focus, Brookes Brothers (their first relase was on W10), Redeyes, DJ Wire, Chords (and others) to establish and make a name for themselves. 

He is always on the look out for new artist to help become established players. Look out for new music and new artists on his label W10 Records including new collaborations with Chords (Ram), Makoto (Hospital) and other rising stars. Look out for this and more as Danny Wheeler continues to spread the gospel of Drum and Bass.