Ryan Small

Guitar | Bass | Drums | Band Sessions

Ryan began playing guitar at the age of 12 and shortly after took up an array of instruments  including piano and bagpipes. He learned his trade gigging extensively throughout the big cities in Scotland from around the age of 16 with a punk trio. Ryan has since collaborated with many original and cover bands playing a variety of roles including guitar, drums, keys and vocals.

In 2007 Ryan decided to move to London to study at The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance, studying guitar at Bmus level. As well as completing his university studies, he polished his studio and recording skills while working extensively with Logic Pro as an assistant to producer Adrian Bushby (U2, Spice Girls, Kylie, Feeder). 

As well as teaching guitar, drums, music technology and band workshops at The Rhythm Studio, Ryan is busy recording and writing with his band Jimmy & Verona.

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