Guitar | bands

Sid aims to bring his personality and experience into his work and inspire young people musically, enabling them to realise and achieve their full creative potential.

Sid achieved a publishing deal from Touch Tones Music in 2013 and still works actively with them now. Though this has mainly included works himself, he has also written top lines for dance acts.

Having played live for many years now, Sid has had the opportunity to perform at various festivals including Lovebox, Wireless and The Great Escape. Gigging under his own name but also with other artists - often as session guitar, keys and occasionally drums.

“I’m always trying to find something fresh in what I do, that will excite me. Drawing on classics from the past, songs and artists that inspired me and blending different styles is the key to a good, full understanding of music. This is something that’s always driven me to keep listening, playing and creating. I don’t believe you should limit yourself to just one instrument, you should have a good grasp of all things music and always remain dedicated to improving. Most of all, I think it’s best we all jam and enjoy playing together, writing, producing. Do what makes you buzz when you hear that tune you love, then you’ll always excel.”

Sid Batham